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Our delicious NEW Bumper Condoms

for extra fun

mint flavour

chocolate flavour

extra thin

As we say in Germany:

„Guten Appetit“

Fun Facts

Men stare longer at red lipstick
on women than bare lips.
Red lipstick = average of 7.3 seconds
Pink lipstick = average of 6.7 seconds
Bare lips = 2.2 seconds

Fun Facts

Mint history is colored by stories from ancient mythology. Proserpine, Pluto’s wife, was said to have transformed a hated rival into the mint plant. Both the Latin, Metha, and the Greek, Minthe, have come to be associated with metamorphosed beauty.

Fun Facts

The structure of a bird feather is simple and ingenious:
Sturdy and flexible at the same time, beautifully shaped, ultra light and created for many tasks.
In a house sparrow, the total of around 3500 feathers weigh a little less than 2 grams.

Fun Facts

Chocolate is the only edible substance to melt around 34° C, just below the human body temperature. That’s why chocolate melts so easily on your tongue.

Troge cares!

Our 2020 pledge: we donate
20k condoms for 20k packs sold


Are you a distributor?

We have something
special for you!

Obtain your very own
special menu,
containing our new
Bumper condoms.

Get a taste!

48 envelopes fit neatly in one beautiful display box.
PERFECT as a Point-of-Sale eye catcher.

Each pack contains 3 condoms in
a handy folded envelope with detailed
instructions for use.

Each pack contains 3 condoms sealed in an
attractively designed aluminium foil.

Now also available:

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